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Few cities in America boast such a rich architectural heritage as New Orleans. From its earliest days, New Orleans has been a city that has fostered one of the most unique architectural environments in America, with styles ranging from French and Spanish colonial to the Shotgun Doubles of the 19th century.


Architecture has always been a living part of New Orleans’ vibrant culture and has captured the hearts and imaginations of visitors for hundreds of years.

Project Description:

Sandra Robinson, is in need of a new home. Hurricane Katrina destroyed her original two-story house. Since the devastation, her family has been scattered and she would like to bring everyone together again - at home.

The original house, now removed, was located on the site measuring 50’ x 139’.  It had an independent apartment on the first floor where Mrs. Robinson’s mother resided. The second floor was bisected in such a way that Mrs. Robinson and her daughter occupied one portion and her sister occupied another. The site did not have a garage. Sandra was born and raised in New Orleans and lived on this site from 1991 until the catastrophic event displaced her and her loved ones. She is married; however, her husband is ill and resides in an assisted living facility. She brings him home often to visit. His debilitating disease has taken one of his legs and he is wheelchair bound. She takes care of her ailing mother and sister; her mother also requires a wheelchair for mobility. Both intend to return home when the new residence is built. Sandra has three adult children and five grandchildren. One daughter is single and will be returning to live with her mother.  Mrs. Robinson enjoys entertaining. She is very active in her church and hosts socials. Her family celebrates holidays with her. Sandra’s description is, “My house is always busy.” She loves to cook, enjoys escaping now and then with a good book, and envisions gardening again. She is a professional cosmetologist. One item she always wished she had in her former home was a patio on the side of the house, opposite the road. She also desires a large back yard and a two car garage. The style of the home should be one that fits the existing neighborhood and meets the parameters established by the local community.

The 2007 Fall Traditional Building Design Challenge took place during the Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference, October 18-20, 2007 at the Morial Convention Center. 

First Place:

Sam Gianukos

Creole Design

505 Merrill Street

Houston TX

Ph: 713-880-3158



Runners Up:

Philip J. Franze

Franze & Franze Architecture

118 North Bedford Road

Mt. Kisco NY

Ph: 914-241-6775



Ed Linville

Linville Architects

408 E. Wilson Street

Madison WI

Ph: 608-251-6696



Richard C. Smith

New Design Studios

602 N. Cortez Street

New Orleans LA

Ph: 504-236-0076



Dwayne J. Broussard

Southern Quality Woodwork & Designs, Inc.

2600 Hwy 182

Patterson LA

Ph: 985-395-4270



Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald Design Group

502 Water St

Madisonville LA 

Ph: 985-845-0098




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