Traditional Building Conference

Baltimore 2009: Schedule for Saturday, October 24

8:00 am – Noon

W12 Adaptive Use of the American Brewery:  Workshop and Tour. Pre-registration required.

Introductory to Advanced                            3 AIA HSW CEUs/SD CEUs pending

SPEAKERS:  George Holback, AIA and Principal, and Anath Ranon, AIA, and Associate, Cho Benn Holback, Baltimore, MD, and Marc Held, Vice President of Commercial Sales, Marvin Windows and Doors (LightStyles, Ltd.), Carlisle, PA

  • Understand the give and take involved in the restoration approach for an historic building slated to receive historic tax credits.
  • Become familiar with techniques used for preserving historic brownstone.
  • Acquire an understanding of the requirements for replacing a complex historic slate roof.
  • Apply standards and recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement of historic windows.

The American Brewery was one of the last prime undeveloped historic sites within Baltimore City.  This 1887 architectural icon was, in its heyday, the standard of German brewing for the Wiessner Brewing Company.  After Prohibition, the American Brewery took over operations until the 1970s.  The signature center cupola tower and the two asymmetrical lower towers stand proud over the eastern Baltimore skyline.  This lecture and tour will highlight the history of the building, the financing structure for its rehabilitation, and discoveries made in the brewing process.  You will appreciate the challenges, considerations, and possibilities of historic window replacement for the American Brewery.

8:00 am – 11:00 am

W13 Historic Plaster Repair:  1500- 1940

Introductory to Advanced                            3 AIA HSW CEUs/SD CEUs pending            

SPEAKERS:  Rory Brennan, Principal, Preservation Plastering, Ltd., Brattleboro, VT and John Speweik, Speweik Preservation Consultants, Inc., Elgin, IL

  • Receive detailed instruction about plaster stabilization.
  • Understand the history of plaster systems and the materials used.
  • Learn to formulate plaster to match the original plaster.

You will discover all aspects of plaster repair from stabilization to filling in missing plaster.  The evaluation of existing plaster and materials will be covered.  A chance to actually learn how plaster feels and how to plaster with historic materials will be part of this workshop.

W14 Snug and Sound: The Restoration & Weatherization of Window Frames & Sash

Introductory to Advanced                              3 AIA HSW CEUs/SD CEUs pending

SPEAKER: Duffy Hoffman, Preservation Consultant, Elkins, WV

  • Learn about the restoration of wooden window frames, including paint removal
    and epoxy repair.
  • Follow a sash restoration project from start to finish, including removal, repair, and reinstallation, paint removal and reapplication, glass removal, glazing, and reinstallation.
  • Examine the pros and cons of window weatherization.

This comprehensive session will take you from the restoration of wood windows through re-installation and weatherizing. An overview of the history of window sash and glass will serve as a foundation for the presentation.

8:30 am – 9:30 am

R06 Resilient Flooring:  Early 20th Century Linoleum, Rubber, and Cork

Introductory                                                               1 AIA HSW CEU

SPEAKER:  Demetra Aposporos, Editor-in-Chief, Old-House Journal, Chantilly, VA

Old House Journal

  • Understand historical factors that contributed to the popularity of resilient flooring.
  • Recognize unique properties of resilient flooring and precautions needed to extend the longevity of installations.
  • Appreciate the wealth of patterns, shapes, and designs in resilient flooring.

The evolution of germ theory in the early 20th century changed the thinking about what types of building materials and surfaces were appropriate for creating a healthy home environment.  Resilient flooring – linoleum, cork, and rubber – became popular flooring choices.  You will explore the history and restoration options for these flooring materials.

T11 An Introduction to Quartersawn Hardwoods

Introductory                           1 AIA HSW CEU

SPEAKER:  Criswell Davis, Architectural Marketing Manager, Frank Miller Lumber Co., Inc., Union City, IN

  • Explain the difference between plain sawing and quartersawing hardwoods and the benefits of both.
  • Know the basics of kiln drying and how it affects quartersawn wood.
  • Understand the grade yield of quartersawn hardwoods and the how to take this into account in the design process.

Discuss issues surrounding U.S. hardwood sustainability, log procurement, kiln drying, grading, and the art and mechanics of quartersawing hardwoods.  The use of quartersawn hardwoods in both traditional and contemporary settings in flooring, millwork, furniture, and cabinetry will be covered.

9:30 am – 10:30 am

R07 Sustainable Timber Framing: The Topel Residence and LEED

Introductory to Intermediate                            1 AIA HSW CEU/SD CEU pending

Period Homes Magazine

SPEAKER:  Amy Cornelius, General Manager, Hugh Lofting Timber Framing, Inc., West Grove, PA

  • Understand LEED for homes from a practical standpoint.
  • Learn to identify Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.
  • Identify other certification systems.

The Topel Residence earned Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program.  You can use the Topel Residence as a case study to illustrate how to successfully implement the LEED for Homes program.  An overview of other certification programs and the process of integrated project planning and management, sources of reference for continued skill development, and a step-by-step overview of the construction process will be included.

11:00 am – 4:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open

11:30 am - 12:30 pm – Live in the Exhibit Hall:

G06 A Kitchen Case Study:  Tudor Place

Introductory                           1 AIA HSW CEU

SPEAKERS:   Ted Eayrs and Walter Eayrs, Partners, Blackburn Restoration Services, LLC, Middleboro, MA, and Leslie Buhler, Director of Tudor Place Historic House and Garden, Washington, DC

  • Understand that restoration and investigation go hand-in-hand.
  • Develop criterion for determining which historic period to interpret.
  • Evaluate repair/replacement options.

The restoration of a kitchen in an historic house museum raises issues that resonate with many historic site and old house owners. This presentation will answer the tough questions raised by the restoration of the kitchen at Tudor Place in Washington, DC.  The restoration of the 1914 kitchen began in 2005 and was completed in 2008.  Attention will be focused on the importance of a close relationship between the institution and the contractor.  The program will tell how missing or unavailable objects were located or fabricated.

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

T12 Spalling, Rust, and Rot: Why Traditional Materials Perform the Way They Do

Intermediate                                                    1 AIA HSW CEU

Traditional Building Magazine

SPEAKER:  Ray Tschoepe, Director of Conservation, Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust, Philadelphia, PA

  • Develop an understanding of the underlying structure and chemistry of traditional building materials.
  • Discuss reasons why some materials perform better than others in similar environments.
  • Brainstorm strategies to interpret the deterioration process and prolong the service life of many materials.

As craftsmen, designers, architects, and homeowners, we are frequently frustrated when an architectural element that we replaced in traditional materials seems well on its way to yet another repair or replacement after only a few years of service.  We will look closely at wood, stone, and metal to show the way in which specific factors in the immediate environment often begin to have an adverse effect the instant these materials are put into service.  By gaining a clear understanding of the deterioration process, you can make more informed decisions about use, design, and installation.    

T13 The Survey, Documentation and Restoration of Historic Barns in Mid-Maryland

Introductory               1 AIA HSW CEU

SPEAKERS:  Mark Schara, Architect, National Park Service, Washington, DC, Lisa Mroszczyk, Historic Preservation Planner, Frederick, MD, and Keven Walker, Cultural Resource Specialist, Sharpsburg, MD

  • Discuss the survey methodology for historic barns.
  • Review HABS documentation methodology.
  • Understand specific restoration techniques for historic barns.

In 2006, a project that surveyed over 350 historic barns in three central Maryland counties was begun.  The Historic American Buildings Survey documentation methodology was also used to document the agricultural buildings on the historic farmsteads that comprise the battlefield of Antietam National Battlefield.  The process of documentation and preservation of the rural landscape and agricultural buildings will be covered.

S11 This New Old Green House

Introductory                           1 AIA HSW CEU/SD CEU pending

Period Homes Magazine

SPEAKER:  Barry Katz, President, Barry Katz Homebuilding/Greenworks Consulting, Baltimore, MD

  • Recognize the environmental issues that make sustainability an important consideration for all buildings.
  • Address three fundamentals of green construction:  energy efficiency; healthy living/working environments; resource conservation and environmental responsibility.
  • Apply statistically appropriate green building methods and materials to traditional architecture.

There is a common misconception that environmentally friendly green design is incompatible with traditional home styles.  Styles that evolved in the pre-technological era naturally incorporated time-tested strategies for adapting to local climate.  By combining traditional methods with recent advances in building science, you can learn to create timeless homes with greatly minimized environmental impact.

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

G07 Design Challenge Presentations and Awards-Live in the Exhibit Hall

Introductory to Advanced                                        1.5 AIA CEUs

  • See traditionally inspired house designs in historic settings.
  • Hear professionals discuss new uses for period architectural detailing.
  • Review hand-drawn architectural plans.

Join leading architects and designers as they present their work – the culmination of the two-day Traditional Building Design Challenge. The teams have been competing to create an appropriate design for a historic Baltimore residential neighborhood. Watch as the designs are discussed and the winner is announced. Learn how to make your own contextual designs better.  Special thanks to our sponsor Woodstone Architectural Windows and Doors.



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