Traditional Building Conference

Chicago 2010: Become a Speaker

Traditional Building Conference speakers are carefully selected by the Education Director and the Conference Advisory Board. Presenters must have both strong industry credentials and the ability to communicate their facts and ideas in a compelling way. Speakers are industry professionals with knowledge and expertise in historic preservation (including but not limited to, planning, design, project management, construction and finance); urban planning; new urbanism; facility management,; construction trades and material science.

Presenters are required to:

  • Complete the Proposal Entry Form and include all required attachments (Note: incomplete proposals may be disqualified)
  • Make no substantive changes in content, or of presenters, without prior written approval from the Conference Manager
  • Provide a substitute presenter of equal expertise if, due to unforeseen circumstances, they cannot be present

"Call For Entry" submission form for the next Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference coming soon:
Click here for PDF format
Click here for MSWord format

Chicago, IL October, 2010; Chicago Navy Pier

Conference Program and Speaking Opportunities:
Judy Hayward, Conference Director
Phone: (802) 674-6752

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