Traditional Building Conference

Chicago 2010: General Sessions

Keynote Address

Friday, October 22, 2010:

G01: Greener at the Grassroots: Mayors and Sustainability Policy

MODERATOR: Peter A. Harkness, Founder and Publisher Emeritus, “Governing”
PANELISTS: Mayor Bob Dixson, Greensburg, KS; Andre N. Pettigrew, executive director, Climate Prosperity Project, Inc., Washington, DC and more to be announced.

  • Apply lessons learned from mayors who are helping their cities to grow greener.
  • Reflect on the politics and policies that actually support sustainable architecture, landscapes and transportation.
  • Be aware of the relationship between states, localities and the business community.
The public sector at the local level has recognized that a greener environment is fraught with economic opportunity. New Urbanists have been telling us for decades to look to historical town development to unlock the door to livable, cleaner, safer and more attractive communities. Savvy mayors are leading their communities with zoning, building, and transportation policies toward a future that is attracting all age groups back to urban living. Join us for a compelling discussion with three mayors who are designing cleaner and greener communities.


General Sessions:

Friday, October 22, 2010:

G02: Saving and Reinstalling Historic Sheet-Metal Facades
– Live in the Exhibit Hall

SPEAKERS:  Anna Margaret Barris, Project Designer, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Springfield, IL and Darius Bryjka, B-W Consultants, Inc., Springfield, IL

  • Acquire a brief history of historic sheet-metal facades.
  • Learn techniques for salvaging, repairing, and restoring historic pressed metal architecture.
  • Advocate for historic resources through education and media coverage.

Architectural sheet metal was installed on tens of thousands of buildings across the country because it was stylish, durable, and affordable. This examination of architectural sheet metal will focus on two manufacturers: George Mesker and Mesker Brothers. Included in the discussion will be how to cleverly advocate for the material as well as useful repair techniques.


Saturday, October 23, 2010:

G03: Transforming the Traditional- Live in the Exhibit Hall

SPEAKERS: Stuart Cohen, FAIA and Julie Hacker, AIA, Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects, LLC, Evanston, IL

Recommended Reading: Transforming the Traditional by Cohen and Hacker

  • Explore the relationship between new construction and historic buildings.
  • Appreciate the difference between classical and modernist space and how traditional materials can be used to create them both.
  • Encourage originality by making new arrangements of existing architectural forms.

The relationship between the spatial ideas of 20th century modernism, classical space, and traditional architectural forms can be a basis of a way of drawing on traditional elements in architecture in ways that transform them. The traditional forms communicate the familiar, stable, and protective qualities that have been associated with domesticity.


Saturday, October 23, 2010:

G04: Traditional Building Design Challenge: Presentation and Awards

See traditionally inspired house designs in historic settings. Hear professionals discuss new uses for period architectural detailing. Review hand-drawn architectural plans.

Join leading architects and designers as they present their work – the culmination of the two-day Traditional Building Design Challenge. The teams have been competing to create an appropriate design for a historic Chicago area residential neighborhood. Watch as they are discussed and the winner is announced. Learn how to make your own contextual designs better.

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