July 18-19,2017

TheHawthorne Hotel
18 Washington Square
Salem, MA 01970

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The Hawthorne Hotel
For Reservations: 978-744-4080

Rates $204+ per night
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What's Nearby?

The House of The Seven Gables

seven gables

The inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Gothic novel of the same name, The House of the Seven Gables is the oldest surviving 17th century wooden mansion in New England. An innovative structure for its time, the property features high style Georgian paneling, enormous windows, and more than one hidden staircase. Joseph Everett Chandler, an architect central in the early 20th century historic preservation movement, restored the house to its original seven-gabled appearance in 1908.  

Waikiki Beach at Winter Island


After the conference (or before), be sure to visit Winter Island and the hidden treasure that is Waikiki Beach. Named by a Hawaiian Coast Guard sailor who made the island his home, Little Waikiki feels like a private getaway from the tourists downtown. With sites for camping, a preserved lighthouse, and crashing waves perfect for a drifting mind and existential thoughts, Winter Island offers relaxation just a short trolley ride from Downtown Salem. 

The Salem Witch Museum 

We’ve all heard the stories about The Salem Witch Trials (if she floats, she’s a witch – if she sinks…we were wrong!). Their ridiculousness makes it easy to forget twenty women were condemned for making a pact with the Devil. Through life-size sets and expert-led tours, experience Puritan justice in the year 1692 and get to know the real-life people behind the colonial period’s most infamous trial. The museum is conveniently located downtown and borders Salem Common. 

Salem Common

Salem Common

A short stroll from the Hawthrone Hotel, Salem Common is a picturesque park perfect for unwinding and enjoying the summer weather. Marked by the arched gazebo at its center, the Common has come a long way since its colonial days when livestock roamed freely across the grounds. Now, visitors will find dogs chasing frisbees, community events, and evening concerts every Thursday. 

The Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum is a premiere Salem destination primarily due to the uniqueness of its exhibits. Experience Patrick Dougherty’s architectural stick sculptures made of saplings bent, woven and flexed into unbelievably haunting works of art. Enter the Qing Dynasty and walk around the Huang family ancestral home of Yin Yu Tang. Consult the museums website (http://www.pem.org/visit/today) for tickets, tour info, and upcoming exhibits.