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Darius Arya: Live from Rome – The Roman Aqueducts

Archaeologist, professor, and television personality Darius Arya, in conjunction with ICAA New England, will give a lecture and live stream from Rome taking a closer look at the Roman Aqueducts.

The aqueducts of Rome are quintessential components of the ancient metropolis and the Roman Empire, essential for sustaining the megacity and the great cities of the empire. We will take a deep dive into the history of the various water lines that were brought into Rome from the 4th century BC to the 4th century AD and how the Romans became more ambitious with each new construct.

Courtesy of Darius Arya

Courtesy of Darius Arya

A Ph.D. archaeologist and historian, Darius Arya has led excavations (Rome, Ostia Antica) and taught university programs in Italy for over 17 years. He’s a Fulbright scholar, fellow of the American Academy in Rome, and guest scholar of Getty Conservation Institute. He directs the American Institute for Roman Culture and its online learning platform Ancient Rome Live.

He’s appeared as an expert or tv host for 15 years on History, National Geographic, Discovery. Smithsonian, PBS, Italy’s Rai5, and more. He’s also regularly featured as an expert on BBC4 Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, and CNN. Darius is one of the few American Ph.D. archaeology experts on TV today, creating consistently accessible, engaging conversations, matched by his daily social media work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.


Darius works with international organizations such as Getty Museum, Getty Conservation Institute, Italian superintendencies and museums, Italian Ministry of Culture, Museum Week, ICOMOS, and a number of corporate brands.

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