Timberlane Shifts From Exterior Shutters to Medical Supplies to Help With Critical Shortages

In response to the impact COVID-19 has created on the shortages of medical supplies, Timberlane has mobilized and pivoted its business to serve our community by producing face and intubation shields for medical professionals.
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In lieu of the shortages of medical supplies as a result of COVID-19, Timberlane, an exterior shutter manufacturer located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, has shifted its primary focus from shutters to face and intubation shields. As social distancing and proper cleaning methods are more crucial than ever, meeting the demand and ensuring the safety of medical staff and patients is at an all-time high.

“Our dedicated team of employees is trying to do our part in this crisis and we’re proud to contribute,” states Rick Skidmore, CEO and Founder of Timberlane, Inc.

Timberlane shifts practices due to COVID-19 response aid.

Timberlane shifts practices due to COVID-19 response aid.

Though this isn’t part of Timberlane’s normal offerings, the plan is to quickly manufacture and ship orders to hospitals and medical facilities who fear running low or completely out of these critical medical supplies.

All medical supplies will be sold at cost and are solely focused on helping those in need. Timberlane has no intention of profiting from any sales of these supplies beyond the strict need for us to help the healthcare frontline and keep their employees off of unemployment.

“As an entrepreneurial company, the spirit of survival and resilience runs deep in our culture at Timberlane. We have full faith and confidence that our country and its citizens will come together and prevail during these trying times,” states Rick Skidmore.