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1 AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Unit

Speakers: Mike Shields and Kate Shields of Blackberry Window and Door Systems

Course Description: The scope, methods, and concerns of historic restoration and replication on large commercial historic buildings in an urban setting can pose a different set of challenges from what we encounter on residential historic projects. 

Especially, when working on Historic Tax Credit Projects you will find yourself meeting many of the same guidelines, requirements, and standards. 

Nevertheless, performing and completing this work commercially typically requires additional tools in planning and executing the work. 

This presentation will discuss and demonstrate the necessary review, documentation, staging and work methods used to complete some of the largest of these types of projects. The case studies will illustrate work in Michigan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use the Historic Window Site Review (HWSR) for window documentation and condition assessment.
  • Define the replication and approval process (start to finish) for wood, aluminum and steel windows including NPS approval.
  • Protect historic and ornamental storefront and facades during window repair/replication projects.
  • Consider and plan for the special needs of window repair projects for large structures in urban settings with attention to lead, staging, breakage, adjacent buildings and nearby pedestrians