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1 AIA H/S/W Learning Unit

Speaker: Kyle Sword, Business Development Director, Pilkington North America, Toledo OH


Our needs for safety with architectural  glass have evolved with time and so have the products, chemistry and technology. Resistance to fire, blasts, and impact are important considerations when selecting glass for new and historic projects. 

This session will examine the history of glass designed with safety in mind. How do you balance historic integrity and appearance with contemporary needs? Considerations for material selection and installation will be discussed as well as some insight as to where the technology and design of disaster resistant glass is headed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the evolution of glass designed for safety and disaster resistance. 
  • Explain different materials and methods for fire-rated, blast resistance and impact resistance.
  • Select products that are appropriate for use in historic buildings as well as new construction.
  • Consider glass once it is placed in service, and how that should inform architectural design.