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Speaker: Brent Hull, Hull Millwork, Fort Worth, TX; craftsman, author and educator.

1 AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Unit

While we usually take in the view of a whole building before, we enter, windows are often the first architectural element which we observe at a distance, and like the eyes of a person, they often entice us to look more closely. They are very often important character-defining features of historic buildings. When working on historic preservation projects, they present challenges of energy efficiency, lead removal and maintenance planning. Their loss can be a deal-breaker if historic tax credits are part of the funding mix for your client’s projects.

The craft of building, installing and maintaining good wooden windows is an important process for any building professional working on historic buildings or building new traditionally inspired buildings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the stylistic compositions and best craft practices that built traditional wooden windows.
  • Discuss craft detailing, storm windows and finishes that expand the life of windows in harsh climates.
  • Explain and specify best practices for installation, maintenance and repairs.
  • Plan for sound operation in high traffic areas particularly when working in historic residential, commercial and institutional settings.