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1 AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Unit 

Speakers: Kyle Sword, Business Development Manager, Pilkington North America, NSG; Toledo, OH, Kayla Natividad, Ph. D., Building Scientist, Pilkington North America, NSG; Toledo, OH  

Description: The transparent nature of glass may lead one to believe that it is easy to understand and use. In many ways it is, but as building design has evolved, particularly in the last century, the expectations of what glass can do have risen dramatically. Now is a good time to take a look at the building science of glass, particularly as it relates to existing and historic buildings. Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint will challenge us to consider how glass can be our ally.

Learning Objectives:

• Explain the physical properties of glass.

• Consider moisture management when designing projects.

• Compare and contrast films, coatings, and different types of insulated glass to solve problems for building occupants and collections.

• Gain insights on emerging technology for windows in existing buildings. 

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