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Speaker: Brian Stowell, President and CEO, Crown Point Cabinetry, Claremont, NH

1 AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Unit

Fine cabinetry for traditional and restoration projects demands a respect for historical design intent and a thorough understanding of modern lifestyle essentials from technology to Universal Design. 

A successful design is dependent upon precise measurements and evaluating clients’ needs. 

A successful installation is dependent on accurate shop drawings, an understanding of materials, adequate lead time and skillful production followed by experienced installers onsite.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop and schedule the fabrication and installation of fine cabinetry.
  • Compare and contrast wood, finishes, and hardware for fine cabinetry.
  • Consider the end use of kitchens with such goals as ergonomics, universal design and family interaction in mind.
  • Reduce the number of variables that contribute to challenging installations by following recommended best practices.