2021 Traditional Building Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Education • Networking • Sales

If you sell products and services for the historic preservation, restoration, renovation and traditionally inspired new construction markets, you’ll want to participate in the Traditional Building Conference Series 2021. As a Sponsor of the Traditional Building Conference Series, you will connect with architects, restoration/renovation contractors, custom builders, general contractors, interior designers, building owners, and facilities managers.

Current sponsors include the leading manufacturers and service providers who sell the $170 billion traditional building market. The Traditional Building Virtual Conference creates meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects. You’ll meet buyers and specifiers you would not normally have access to.

Ask Our Current Sponsors…

“Traditional Building Conference has been a great partnership for us over the years. I love that this isn’t a trade show. There is a great variety of participants from architects, to skilled crafts and trades people, to manufacturers so you always get a broad perspective on a subject. I’ve learned a ton over the years and really built some meaningful relationships where we can actually help each other solve real world issues on buildings. If you help provide real value, real business will follow and this forum has really allowed us to understand what people in this space need.”

 – Kyle Sword


“If you want to be in front of architects, designers and builders this is an excellent investment. Every vendor on the planet wants the attention of these buyers and specifiers. This is a great way to be one of the select few vendors who gets that attention.”

– Brian Stowell,
President of Crown Point Cabinetry

Who You'll Meet:

The Traditional Building Conference Series Audience Composition:

2020 Traditional Building Virtual Conference Audience Composition

2020 Traditional Building Virtual Conference Audience Composition

Sponsor Benefits Include: 

  • June 7-11, 2021 Traditional Building Virtual Conference “Materials and Methods”. Five days, 3 hours per day, 11 AIA Continuing Education Credits, live and on-demand.
  • December 2021 An in-person Traditional Building Conference in Coral Gables Florida, December 1-2.
  • Six Web Seminars live and on-demand. 

Traditional Building Sponsor Benefits:

  • Full year recognition in TRADITIONAL BUILDING/TraditionalBuilding.com; NEW OLD HOUSE; Period-Homes.com; ARTS & CRAFTS HOMES; OLD HOUSE JOURNAL/OldHouseOnline.com; and TBCS/TraditionalBuildingShow.com with your company profile and case studies. Links back to your website. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • Exclusivity in your Platinum product category. (PLATINUM Tier)
  • Your AIA Continuing Education presentation at two events, including live Q & A and on-demand for 12 months. (PLATINUM Tier)
  • Your promotional materials in the TBVC Resource Center for download by our B2B registrants (12 months). Off-line Q & A chat between you and our registrants. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • Sales leads/all registrant contact information from education events. Minimum 1,500 leads in 2021 (over 1,800 in 2020 and still counting). (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • NEW: Follow up questionnaire to your seminar attendees to determine a need/quote for your products and solutions. (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers) Followed by...
  • NEW: Private meetings with pre-qualified registrants via Zoom, after the event (within 6 weeks) arranged by TBCS. (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers)
  • NEW: Inclusion in the TBCS Materials & Methods eNewsletter, which highlights partners. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • NEW: Your case study on TraditionalBuildingShow.com and TraditionalBuilding.com. (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers)
  • NEW: Free pointer advertisement in TRADITIONAL BUILDING. (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers)

December In-Person Conference Benefits:

  • 10 VIP passes to give to your clients/prospects. (PLATINUM, SILVER [5], BRONZE [3] Tiers)
  • 3 sponsor staff VIP passes for TBC, December. (PLATINUM, SILVER [2], BRONZE [2] Tiers)
  • NEW: Networking reception at Coral Gables, Florida in-person event. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • 6-foot display table in the December Coral Gables in-person TBC. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • Podium time to introduce other speakers. (PLATINUM Tier)
  • Recognition as an underwriter of TBCS education on all TBCS 2021 attendance promotion materials. (PLATINUM, SILVER, BRONZE Tiers)
  • NEW: Podcast interview, Materials & Methods, with Peter H. Miller, Hon. AIA. (PLATINUM Tier)
  • NEW: Recognition of your seminar in promotional videos aimed at registrants. (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers)
  • NEW: Banner advertising on TraditionalBuilding.comPeriod-Homes.comOldHouseOnline.comTraditionalBuildingShow.com (50,000 impressions). (PLATINUM & SILVER Tiers)

TBCS staff manages the reporting of AIA attendance for members and issues CEU certificates for registered architects.

What to Upload in Your Resource Center

Preparing for the Traditional Building Web Seminar Series and Virtual Conference is simple, but we've prepared a short guide on what to have at the ready.

  • Branding
        • Imagery, especially which links to products, photo galleries or project case studies.
  • Promotional Media
        • Videos of facilities, process, products or team interviews are all great options. 
    • Integrate Social Media Accounts and grow your following!
          • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrest, etc.
    • Surveys, Case Studies, Buying Guides, and other downloadable extras add more opportunities for interaction that keep attendees engaged beyond the conference.
    • Pre-recorded introductory video. 
          • All presentations and lectures will be preceded by a short video of the speaker introducing themselves and giving any relevant background information. This ensures featured content begins right on schedule.

    The virtual conference allows for all content to be connected. Any content uploaded can be made interactive—therefore an image should link to an upcoming lecture or a webpage; images can open into a video or take one to a gallery of related products. Take advantage of this to maximize exposure and attendee engagement with your booth.

    Here is what attendees say about the Traditional Building Conference Series:

    “The variety of technical vs. artistic talent was great!… I really liked the new format, had better connections with the vendors and got to know fellow attendees and presenters”

    “Excellent speakers, informative, engrossing topics for a room full of architects.”

    “Engaging as well as ‘Big Picture’”

    “One of the very best seminar topics I have ever experienced. A real treat and changed the way I think about design.”

    Past Attendees Include:

    Robert Stern Architects                    Historical Concepts

    Peter Pennoyer Architects               John Murray Architects

    Fairfax Sammons                              Einhorn Yaffee Prescot

    Quinn Evans Architects                    Glave Holmes

    Schooly Caldwell Architects            Barnze Vanze Architects

    David Schwartz Architects               Shope Reno Architects

    The Architect of the Capitol            The National Park Service

    U.S. Department of State                  U.S. Department of Defense

    General Services Administration      Princeton University

    Duke University                                  American College of the Building Arts

    MIT                                                      S.C Historic Preservation Office

    N.C. State Historic Preservation Office

    Full list of past attendees

    For more information, contact:

    Carolyn Walsh
    Director of Operations - Traditional Building Conference
    (781) 942-2253

    Judy L. Hayward,
    Education Director - Traditional Building Conference Series
    (802) 356-4348

    Jennifer Baldwin
    Associate Publisher - Traditional Building
    (718) 619-7645

    Becky Bernie
    Associate Publisher - Old House Journal

    Carol Murray
    Associate Publisher - Arts & Crafts Homes
    (978) 290-2117

    Peter H. Miller, Hon. AIA
    (202) 256-0694