2020 Traditional Building Virtual Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

10 AIA Learning Units Available 
Education • Networking • Sales

If you sell products and services for the historic preservation, restoration, renovation and traditionally inspired new construction markets, you’ll want to participate in the Traditional Building Virtual Conference November 9-13, 2020. As a Sponsor of the Traditional Building Virtual Conference, you will connect with architects, restoration/renovation contractors, custom builders, general contractors, interior designers, building owners, and facilities managers.

Current sponsors include the leading manufacturers and service providers who sell the $170 billion traditional building market. The Traditional Building Virtual Conference creates meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects. You’ll meet buyers and specifiers you would not normally have access to.

Ask Our Current Sponsors…

“If you want to be in front of architects, designers and builders this is an excellent investment. Every vendor on the planet wants the attention of these buyers and specifiers. This is a great way to be one of the select few vendors who gets that attention.”

– Brian Stowell,
President of Crown Point Cabinetry

Who You'll Meet:

The Traditional Building Virtual Conference Audience Composition:

web seminar

The Traditional Building Virtual Conference will expand your reach, not your costs.

  • Nation-wide access brings more visibility to sponsors
  • Year-long exposure before, during and after the live event.
  • Direct attendee interaction, with chat functions and in-exhibit marketing.

  • Data & lead capture, including attendee activity and contact information.

  • No space or timing conflicts.

  • Free exhibit-hall only ticket option, expands audience size.

  • Make advance appointments with clients and prospects who attend.

  • Invite your clients and prospects to experience first class education.

  • Guaranteed visibility through direct notifications and branding.

  • Cost savings on shipping, delivery and drayage fees; company travel, lodging and staffing.

  • Mobile Phone capability increases attendee engagement.

Sponsor Benefits Include: 

  • Sponsors will receive all sales leads from this event. (Estimated at 500)
  • One free eCast to Traditional Building and Period Homes email lists.
  • Print advertising in Traditional Building magazine.
  • Sponsor branding in all Traditional Building and Virtual Conference promotional materials which are sent to past attendees, future attendees, and prospects, with links to your website.
  • Gift subscriptions to Traditional Building magazine.
  • VIP passes to the virtual conference for your clients and prospects.
  • 12 month life span for your booth and your brand presence  allows attendees to revisit your virtual space.

Sponsors can customize their virtual signage, which can be displayed continuously throughout the conference or on a rotating carousel of ten second intervals every three minutes. A daily marquee message as well as a daily pop up ad will direct attendees to your space. 

Be in two places at once. The virtual format allows one representative to engage with multiple users simultaneously via group chat, or for more casual discussion, a personal message is an option. For sponsors who want to give an attendee their undivided attention, the appointment manager feature allows you to schedule times to chat.

Use real-time data feedback on attendee activity to adjust your content over the course of the conference. Virtual promotional materials can be easily altered to match lecture themes and topics or follow attendee engagement patterns as desired.

The Sponsor Exhibit Booth

The focal point of sponsor presence will be the virtual exhibit booth. Sponsor booths will be graphically dominant in the exhibit hall. Sponsors can deliver and demo their entire portfolio of promotional content instead of just what can be shipped.

For example: The layout of the virtual booth allows for prominent displays of featurettes and product ads with the integrated live chat window nearby to facilitate engagement.

The Traditional Building Conference virtual booth is a place where sponsors can display their entire online presence in one place—all social media accounts, video content, product highlights, surveys and other downloadable extras are options. Share your videos of case studies or factory tours, installation demos, and team member testimonials with this captive audience.

Make use of built in networking opportunities between lectures to distribute surveys, buying guides and other documents to a receptive audience. Tailor content to match the preceding lecture and capitalize on daily topics and attendee interest.

Cycle through content as the conference progresses keeping your exhibit booth fresh and exciting. The ease of customization allows Sponsors to experiment with different kinds of content and find what is successfully capturing attendee attention while replacing underperforming media at a click.

An example of a Sponsor Exhibit Booth is shown above. Note the branding features, interactive modules and prominent navigation options.

An example of a Sponsor Exhibit Booth is shown above. Note the branding features, interactive modules and prominent navigation options.

What to Bring

Preparing for the Traditional Building Virtual Conference is simple, but we've prepared a short guide to get you started.

  • Branding
        • Imagery, especially which links to products, photo galleries or project case studies.
  • Promotional Media
        • Videos of facilities, process, products or team interviews are all great options. 
    • Integrate Social Media Accounts and grow your following!
          • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrest, etc.
    • Surveys, Case Studies, Buying Guides, and other downloadable extras add more opportunities for interaction that keep attendees engaged beyond the conference.
    • Pre-recorded introductory video. 
          • All presentations and lectures will be preceded by a short video of the speaker introducing themselves and giving any relevant background information. This insures featured content begins right on schedule.

    The virtual conference allows for all content to be connected. Any content uploaded can be made interactive—therefore an image should link to an upcoming lecture or a webpage; images can open into a video or take one to a gallery of related products. Take advantage of this to maximize exposure and attendee engagement with your booth.

    Here is what attendees say about the Traditional Building Conference Series:

    “The variety of technical vs. artistic talent was great!… I really liked the new format, had better connections with the vendors and got to know fellow attendees and presenters”

    “Excellent speakers, informative, engrossing topics for a room full of architects.”

    “Engaging as well as ‘Big Picture’”

    “One of the very best seminar topics I have ever experienced. A real treat and changed the way I think about design.”

    Past Attendees Include:

    Robert Stern Architects                    Historical Concepts

    Peter Pennoyer Architects               John Murray Architects

    Fairfax Sammons                              Einhorn Yaffee Prescot

    Quinn Evans Architects                    Glave Holmes

    Schooly Caldwell Architects            Barnze Vanze Architects

    David Schwartz Architects               Shope Reno Architects

    The Architect of the Capitol            The National Park Service

    U.S. Department of State                  U.S. Department of Defense

    General Services Administration      Princeton University

    Duke University                                  American College of the Building Arts

    MIT                                                      S.C Historic Preservation Office

    N.C. State Historic Preservation Office

    Full list of past attendees

    For more information, contact:

    Peter H. Miller, Hon. AIA
    (202) 256-0694

    Jennifer Baldwin
    Associate Publisher - Traditional Building
    (718) 619-7645

    Becky Bernie
    Associate Publisher - Old House Journal

    Carol Murray
    Associate Publisher - Arts & Crafts Homes
    (978) 290-2117