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online education traditional building conference

The Traditional Building Conference's Online Education series for architecture, building, and restoration professionals provides best practices, industry insights, AIA credits and more!

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Preserving the Integrity of the American Front Porch

Register Now. Gain an understanding of why traditional building materials seem to be failing more rapidly when used in creating exterior living space.

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Frank L. Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall

For about ten years, at the beginning of his career, Frank Lloyd Wright shared office space with his close friends, Dwight Perkins, Robert Spencer, and Myron Hunt. They worked together in the attic loft of Steinway Hall an office building and piano showroom designed by Perkins in Chicago.

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Reglazing vs. Replacing Windows: Comparing the Carbon Impact

Register. The course will compare the embodied and operating carbon impacts of window restoration, secondary glazing, and replacement windows as well as emerging glazing technologies.

Cambekā„¢ Designer Doors Custom Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Beauty & Sustainability: Custom Wood Garage Door Solutions

Register. This course will cover the use of custom wood doors for large exterior openings found on garages, car barns, pool houses, and other auxiliary spaces.