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Bill Mensching


Bill Mensching
Creative Director
EverGreene Architectural Arts
New York I Chicago I California
253 36th St. Suite 5-C
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Bill Mensching is an international expert in the design, production and installation of murals that grace large public spaces, houses of worship, building façades and distinctive interiors. Trained as a mural painter and set designer, Bill understands how to translate artistic concepts to the scale and proportions of their architectural settings. Since 1987, Bill has led EverGreene’s talented staff of designers and fine artists in the generation of layouts, color schemes, maquettes, and samples for review by clients prior to production of full-sized works of art, whether in the studio or on jobsites. Many of these murals involved complex configurations to accommodate compound dome curvature or other architectural requirements. For many years, Bill and EverGreene painters have worked closely with renowned artist Richard Haas to create many monumental trompe l’oeil murals. Trompe l’oeil imperceptibly extends the real space of architecture into the illusory space of painting and can transform empty walls into magnificent facades.