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Connor Mill-Built Homes

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Connor Mill-Built Homes is an architectural designer and manufacturer of new-old homes. With fifty years experience in the construction and manufacturing of homes based on American historic architecture, founder Mike Connor and his team produce a complete exterior and interior package for each project that typically is assembled in the field by an independent preferred builder. 

The company catalog features homes with exquisite replications of architectural detailing often thought to be too difficult and time consuming to be built for today's housing market. But through a number of innovative factory processes, Connor Mill-Built Homes has proven that sophisticated architecture from past centuries is still available and affordable in today‚Äôs residential building industry. 

In recognition of the company's reputation and ability to produce accurate replications of homes built in another era, the company was asked to work with the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware to create a line of homes that would be sold as Winterthur licensed designs and home packages. A catalog of Winterthur Homes is scheduled for release in April 2019! 

Connor Mill-Built Homes also works with developers to provide house designs, marketing, development management, and home packages, as well as funding if needed to ensure a comprehensive, experienced, one-stop shopping for development projects, large and small. 

The company operates from its 50,000 square foot facility in Middlebury, Vermont and ships throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and beyond.