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Fabio Bardini

fabio bardini

Florentine Renaissance Masonry
416 Lafayette ST Salem, MA 01970
(978) 825-9920

Born and raised in Florence Italy, Fabio Bardini attended the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze and the Palazzo Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration where he studied design, art forms and architectural history from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman era into the Renaissance period.

Living in Italy, surrounded by historic buildings, sculptures and art created by the masters of past times, inspired Fabio to express his passion for design beyond the drawing board.

Art, design and architectural history understanding paired with a passion for masonry work inspired the formation of Florentine Renaissance Masonry, established 1990. Based on extensive research, FRM utilizes traditional techniques and materials for the true restoration of historic masonry structures for residential clients, historic societies and museums in the Greater Boston area and New England.

Fabio is the principal of Florentine Renaissance Masonry but what distinguishes the outcome of his work is that he personally defines the appropriate materials and executes his projects from beginning to completion.

“What intrigues me about historic structures are the enduring beauty and longevity yet simplicity of the original tools and materials. Hammer and chisel, a trowel, twine, lime putty and sand, pozzolans: these are ancient tools and materials that have remained virtually unchanged throughout the ages.

The resilience of the historic structures still remaining is a testament to the quality and performance of traditional binders and materials of the past. Sadly, far too many beautiful old building have been “restored” using modern or inappropriate materials. This has resulted in rapid severe damage to the remaining original mortar and masonry units which in turn become much more costly to resolve. It is ultimately the individual craftsman’s knowledge and skill that defines the quality and critical outcome of a restoration project.

As a master craftsman and student of history, working with traditional materials and tools allows me to extend into a space in which I am transported through ancient times, as the materials and the task at hand have virtually remained the same for thousands of years.”