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Heritage Tile

Heritage tile

Keith Bieneman
312 Investment Court
Verona, WI 53593
(888) 387-3280

Setting the Standard for Traditional Tilework

Heritage Tile is composed of a team of design professionals dedicated to a shared mission: to preserve our tile heritage with a vast portfolio of reproduction tilework that meets our standard for quality and authenticity.

At Heritage Tile we:

• Set the standard for authentic tile reproductions.

• Create tile collections that are faithful reproductions of the early 1900’s tile guild designs.

• Provide the timeless and uniquely American aesthetic found in the tilework that defines craftsmanship.

Our Subway Ceramics Collection is:

• A precise system of ceramic tile accent pieces and trim that are designed to last a lifetime.

• A collection where the principle of “form follows function” is embodied in each piece of tilework and the collection as a whole.

Our Subway Mosaics Collection is:

• Exquisite, yet durable mosaic tilework that defines the authentic craftsmanship of this period.

• Effective at reproducing vintage spaces in a practical, affordable and efficient way.