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Indow Windows

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Indow Windows
2267 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 284-2260

Our mission is to provide you with comfort and quiet while helping you achieve environmental and financial harmony.

Indow was launched in November 2010, delivering ease of use and great window insulation performance in an elegant looking form. Our window inserts are now available across the U.S. and Canada and we are growing! Our dynamic team is dedicated to building and refining our product, crafting each handmade insert to fit any leaky or under-performing window.

Our vision is that as we become more efficient we will share the increased profit margin with our workers through higher wages, with the company through reinvested earnings to fuel continued growth, and with the environment through lower prices that will make the product easier to purchase and therefore block more climate-changing CO2 emissions. We will reach this vision if we harness the creativity and discipline of each team member and if our customers support our continued growth. Please join us!

Meet the Sponsor: Sam Pardue, CEO of Indow Windows

Sam Pardue

1) What attracted you to historic preservation and traditional building and architecture in the first place?

I invented the Indow insert because I live in a 1906 Portland Craftsman home with historic but drafty wood windows. At first I thought about replacing them to create more comfort and energy efficiency, but authentic-looking wood replacement windows would have been exorbitant. Plus, I would’ve lost the irreplaceable rippling single-pane glass as well as the old growth wood window frames. I started the company because I realized it’s important for owners of older homes to have a better option than simply replacing their windows to achieve energy efficiency and comfort.

2) What are some of the projects your business has been involved with?

World famous artist Ai Weiwei was planning an art exhibit at the former federal penitentiary Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay. He wanted visitors to view his work from the gun gallery in the New Industries Building. Since Alcatraz is a National Historic Landmark, the National Park Service required Ai Weiwei find a way to protect the historic windows in the gun gallery from visitors, and the visitors from the historic windows, many of which were broken. The catch? Not a single screw hole could be put in this historic structure. Indow was able to seal up all the windows without leaving a mark since our inserts are edged with our patented Compression Tube.

3) Have you won awards for your work? If so, which ones?

Lots of awards! Here are some of them!

2014 Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award
2014 Green Award from Door & Window Market Magazine
2013 Better Bricks Special Judges Award
2012 Dwell Magazine’s Top 10 Products of Greenbuild
2012 Bronze Medal from the Edison Awards
2011 CleanTech Open National Energy Efficiency Award and Runner Up to the Grand Prize

4) What types of clients do you work with? Residential, Commercial, Institutional?

Do you work mostly with owners or with architects and contractors? Indow works with a variety of residential and commercial clients all over the United States. In the residential space, we work through contractors and also directly with customers who don’t live in a dealer territory. We work with commercial and institutional clients, often through their architects and contractors.

5) What values are important to your clients when working on historic preservation and traditionally inspired new construction?

Our residential customers seek greater comfort and lower energy bills while retaining the historic integrity of their homes. While we sell to homeowners who live in every decade of home construction, many of our customers live in beautiful historic homes with gorgeous original wood windows they want to protect and preserve. Our commercial customers seek significant energy savings, dramatic reductions in noise penetration, and improvements in their tenants’ comfort while maintaining historic integrity with a product that satisfies the strictest historic preservation requirements.

6) Do you have special approaches to work that you have developed of which you are especially proud?

We know that 98% of all historic window frames are significantly out of square. In response, we have developed a proprietary laser measuring system as well as a lean, custom-manufacturing process that delivers window inserts that are the exact shape of the window frames, regardless of whether they’re significantly out of square or special geometries like batwing or arched windows. This allows our inserts to just press into place without a mounting bracket while maintaining high performance and an eye-pleasing low profile.