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Mary Oehrlein, FAIA, LEED AP

Mary Oehrlein

Retired, Historic Preservation Officer
Architect of the Capitol

Ms. Oehrlein, a graduate of Iowa State University, has been employed as a student architect with HABS, Vice President of Building Conservation Technology, Senior Associate with the Ehrenkrantz Group and for 28 years, was principal of her own preservation and planning firm. In 2011 she accepted the position of Historic Preservation Officer for the Architect of the Capitol from which she retired in January 2022.

Her work as a Preservation Architect over the past 40 years has included project and maintenance planning, research, conditions assessment, materials conservation, project design and construction administration with a primary specialty in stone and metals conservation. She has been involved with diverse projects throughout the United States including early maintenance and restoration planning for Watts Towers, Los Angeles, preparation of Masonry Maintenance Guidelines for the Vieux Carre, New Orleans, restoration of San Francisco Plantation, Reserve, LA, multiple research and stabilization projects at Ellis Island, NY/NJ, conservation of the Washington Monument stone, restoration of St. Mathews Cathedral, and master planning for Tudor Place and St. Elizabeth, DC.

She was the architect of record for stone and metal restoration projects at the US Capitol, Supreme Court, and the Russell Senate Office Building, has provided stone conservation services for exterior stone projects at the Botanic Garden, the Cannon House Office Building and directed the AOC Preservation Program throughout the Capitol Campus.

She has been an active AIA member since registration in 1977 and was inducted as a Fellow in 1991 in recognition of her preservation work.