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Meg Kindelin, AIA

Meg Kindelin

Working History and its Application to Design, Materials, and Interventions: Springfield Ranch, Tallgrass Prairies National Park 

Johnson Laskey Kindelin Architects
230 West Huron St., Suite 510 Chicago, Illinois 60654
Office: 312-357-1221

Meg is the President and Owner of JLK Architects, a firm in Chicago Illinois. She has over 20 years of experience in all phases of architecture and design and is a specialist in Historic Preservation Architecture. Meg was trained as a Cultural Anthropologist at the University of Illinois and also earned master’s degrees in Architecture and Architectural History and Theory at the University of Texas. She brings a sociological and historic understanding to the practice of architecture and preservation.

Current projects include Preservation Services for the $70M Rehabilitation of the Shipper and Block Department Store as OSF Healthcare Headquarters, Master Planning for the reuse of the University of Illinois Libraries, the Restoration of the 1931 Battledeck House, and preservation research and architecture for numerous railroad bridges and transit station in Chicago. In addition to completing preservation projects, her firm works extensively in the research and writing arena and prepares HSRs, HABS recordation, and Section 106 reports.

Meg is active in many organizations including the AIA, Landmarks Illinois, the Association for Preservation Technology, and others. She lives in Chicago with her two sons and is a Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.