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Properties and Performance of Vacuum Insulated Glazing

MIT Windows

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Speaker: Kyle Sword, Manager of Business Development, Pilkington North America, Toledo, OH

1 AIA HSW Learning Unit

Glass and glass technology have changed dramatically over the past few hundred years. Multiple technologies exist to achieve a balance of aesthetics and performance while still trying to achieve the goals of the building stake holders. Vacuum insulated glazing (VIG) is one such technology that can be used to achieve a unique balance of these requirements. Understanding the key terminology, concepts, and technology related to this product are key to determining if this is may be a new solution for certain projects.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the properties and performance of vacuum insulated glazing (VIG)
  • Identify key terminology and concepts related to VIG
  • Balance aesthetics and performance when selecting VIG products
  • Identify the differences between vacuum insulated glazing VIG and other insulated glass technologies