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Sally Fishburn


SA Fishburn, Inc.

Sally Fishburn is the president and primary mechanic for S. A. Fishburn, Inc. located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

S.A. Fishburn, Inc. helps building owners maintain the historic spirit of their buildings through hands-on preservation, consulting and design work. The work of S.A. Fishburn, Inc. adheres to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. The company is committed to preserving and restoring historic buildings while improving both their energy efficiency and the comfort of their occupants.

Sally has worked for 30 years in the preservation, restoration and re-creation of interior architectural millwork and plaster with a focus specifically on historic wooden windows.

She is a scholar of the way changes in materials, tools and technology impact building design through American history. She is 1 Vice-President of the Early American Industries Association.