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unico system

The small-duct, high performance heating and air conditioning system architects and builders love.

All across the United States and Canada, architects, builders, interior designers and specifying professionals are using the Unico System in their custom build and retrofit HVAC applications. Whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or unique solution, the Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort and humidity control while preserving the architectural integrity of the structure.

The small-diameter, flexible ducting weaves under floorboards and between walls, eliminating the need for bulky, intrusive ductwork. Heating and cooling is delivered quietly and draft-free. Unico’s new iSeries outdoor unit features a high SEER rating for energy efficiency, and can be connected to high-wall units or air handlers or both. This offers greater flexibility in the design phase, leading to better solutions for the end user.

The Unico System is featured in numerous well-known historic homes, including:

The system is currently being installed in the Hemingway House in Key West.
Unico is an active participant in the following:

Unico trains and certifies contractors who are dedicated to ongoing and detailed high-level training on the Unico System product line. Unico guarantees its system performance when installed by Unico Certified Installers.

Meet the Sponsor: Scott Intagliata

Scott I

1) What attracted you to historic preservation and traditional building and architecture in the first place?

I grew up in the city of St. Louis, where there are great examples of classic American architecture in homes and buildings everywhere. I still live in the city, in a turn-of-the-century home with all the charm and challenges that go along with that. This is a neighborhood where historic preservation is a key priority, and I’ve seen the economic and social benefits this brings to the city. I’m proud to be part of the preservation community.

2) What are some of the projects your business has been involved with?

Unico’s small-duct high velocity HVAC systems have been installed in some pretty noteworthy buildings and homes across the U.S. and Canada. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has partnered with Unico because of our products’ ability to help preserve the original architectural integrity of historically significant projects. The Trust has recommended us for a number of high-profile projects including President Lincoln’s Cottage and The Petersen Home, both in Washington, D.C.

Our products have been installed in the Truman White House and The Hemingway House, both in Key West, FL. Singer-songwriter Darryl Hall recently chose Unico for his 1780’s Connecticut farmhouse renovation, and actor Brad Pitt has specified The Unico System for dozens of homes built by his New Orleans non-profit Make it Right.

3) Have you won awards for your work? If so, which ones?

Unico’s new iSeries outdoor multi-split heat pump won the 2014 Money-Saving Product Award from “Buildings” magazine, due to it’s high efficiency in heating and cooling. The iSeries can run both high wall units and small duct air handling units at the same time, offering more options in the design and build phases.

4) Are you involved with any nonprofits in the field such as Preservation Trades Network, APT, ICAA, the Preservation Education Institute, statewide or local groups?

We are involved with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Society for Historic American Homes, U.S. Green Building Council, Make It Right and others.

5) What do you like about the Traditional Building Conference and webinars we produce and the magazines we publish?

We’ve been coming to the conference for a number of years because it allows us to really engage with architects, planners and builders to better understand their concerns and challenges in renovation and building projects. It also gives us the chance to show how our small-duct HVAC systems can bring modern-day comfort and efficiency to historic structures in the least disruptive manner.

“Traditional Buildings” magazine helps us keep tabs on important and interesting projects around the country, giving us insights on industry trends. All of this helps us as we innovate to bring new products to market that will meet our clients’ needs such as higher efficiencies, better indoor air quality, and LEED certifications.

What types of clients do you work with? Residential, Commercial, Institutional? Do you work mostly with owners or with architects and contractors?

We work in both residential and commercial applications. The majority of our solutions are for renovations of older homes and buildings, where our small-diameter flexible ducts can be hidden in ceilings, floors and between wall joists. We also do quite a bit of work with high-end custom home architects and builders who are creating living spaces that they don’t want to have disrupted by bulky ductwork.

One of our goals at Unico is to reach out more to architects during the planning stages, to help them understand the benefits our system can bring to the aesthetics of the projects as well as things like energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

We do work closely with HVAC contractors and installers, offering dozens of online training classes annually, including live webinars. We also send our trainers out on the road for in-person sessions throughout the year. This robust training program results in a better knowledge base for our installers and a better HVAC solution for the end user.