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Universal Window & Door

Universal Window and Door

303 Mechanic Street
Marlborough, MA 01752

At Universal Window and Door, we design and manufacture customized windows that restore the original splendor of historic buildings while combining modern energy efficiency technology. Our sophisticated design and manufacturing process allows us to satisfy the demanding requirements of the National Park Service Register of Historic Places and other historic preservation entities while also helping building owners realize significant energy savings. We also design and manufacture custom window solutions for new construction to help architects and developers realize their unique vision.

Our experience and dedication allow us to provide optimal solutions for architects, general contractors and developers interested in the adaptive re-use of historic structures as well as new construction, and our award-winning windows can be found in over 75 National Park Service National Register of Historic Places buildings throughout the Northeast.

Tony Muraco, President & CEO of Universal Window & Door

Tony Muraco

1) Have you won awards for your work? If so, which ones?

Yes, our most notable award was the 2009 Crystal Achievement Award for our 700 Series Historic Steel Replica window. This window meets the stringent Federal National Park Service, state and local historic requirements. The feature that gained the attention of the reviewing board was the frame integrated grid, which eliminates the need to tape the grid to the outside of the glass, making glass replacement more efficient and cost effective. We were also awarded a 2014 Boston Preservation Achievement Award for North Bennet Street School. In 2010, we were awarded the District of Columbia Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation for Langston Terrace. In addition to the above awards, we have been the recipient of 6 Paul E. Tsongas Historic Preservation Awards.

2) What types of clients do you work with? Residential, Commercial, Institutional? Do you work mostly with owners or with architects and contractors?

Our client base is primarily comprised of Commercial and Institutional Owners and Installers, but we are involved from the early stages of the project. This gives us and the client an advantage once the project begins. We have long term relationships with many building owners, engineers and architects, as well as with the local and state historic committees. The benefits of these relationships are important in understanding the requirements of each group and the unique characteristics of each historic project. Without this understanding, we could not have been successful for all of the years we have been associated with historic preservation.

3) What values are important to your clients when working on historic preservation and traditionally inspired new construction?

Our clients particularly value the level of expertise and knowledge our staff possess when discussing historic projects. They know we are true partners with them, and know the importance of open communication. They also understand that we are aware of the nuances associated with most historic preservations. As you can see from the awards we have won, and the above is only a partial list, Universal is a market leader with a proven track record. This is true value.

4) Tell us about your crew or staff? What are they like in terms of skills and capabilities?

I am extremely proud of our staff and admire all that they have accomplished. We pride ourselves as working as team and playing off each other’s strengths. Our salesmen have an average of 31 years with Universal. Our Technical Director has 30 years’ experience with the company. We have floor supervisors with 25+ years of service. All of our employees have previous window experience, bringing fresh and new perspectives, making us a better partner to those we serve. There is a vitality here that I have not seen in other companies.

5) Do you have special approaches to work that you have developed of which you are especially proud?

We use approaches and methods that are tried and true. We ensure the success of our customers by having regularly scheduled project meetings, communication with our customers and regular internal meetings, doing all we can to guarantee our customers are satisfied and successful. Our sales and engineering staff are on site before, and during, the project bringing back any feedback or changes from the site. This approach, though not new, is part of reason Universal has been in business for nearly 50 years.