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Walking Tour of the Biltmore Hotel

Conducted by tour guides from Dade Heritage Trust

This tour will be offered both days of the conference

3:15 pm- 5:30 pm Wednesday, December 1

3:45 pm -5:45 pm Thursday, December 2

The Biltmore Hotel is a National Historic Landmark, fewer than 3 percent of the buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places achieve this designation. Built in 1924 by Coral Gables founder George Merrick, it realized his vision for “The City Beautiful.” Merrick hired architect Leonard Schultze and contractor S. Fullerton Weaver to build the Biltmore. Schultze and Weaver had already built Grand Central Station in New York City and the Biltmore Hotels in Los Angeles and Atlanta. It is a masterpiece of Mediterranean Revival architecture blending Spanish, Moorish, and Italian elements. It features richly detailed architectural elements and a tropical landscape. Join guides from the Dade Heritage Trust to explore this historic architectural gem.

Learning Objectives.

Reflect on George Merrick’s vision for tourism and city planning in Coral Gables.

Consider the role of beauty in creating places where people want to live, work, and recreate.

Describe the architectural features and cultural heritage that supported the designation of National Landmark status within the National Register for the Biltmore

List design features that endure for hotel construction today.