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2022 Traditional Building Conference

Dates and venues TBD: 


SPRING 2022: Alexandria, VA

SUMMER 2022: Newport, RI

WINTER 2022: Palm Beach, FL

Previous Conference: 
December 1-2, 2021 in Coral Gables, FL


Seminars included:

  • Incorporating New Technologies in Historic Buildings- Case Studies
  • Rehabbing A 1901 Urban Townhouse for the 21st Century- Case Study
  • Environmental Product Declarations and Historic Preservation
  • Design and Diversity
  • The Impact of Vacuum Insulated Glass on Repair vs. Replacement for Windows
  • Storm Windows: Mitigating Heat Loss and Sound Transmission
  • Traditional Garage Doors and Hurricane Codes

Click here for the full Coral Gables Education Schedule

Click here for more information about Coral Gables, Florida

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We want you to be safe, feel safe and remain healthy. As such, we are monitoring the Delta Variant Covid health and safety protocol carefully and will post updates as we get them. Click here for more information.

Traditional Building Virtual Conference

Registration is Closed but you may access the sessions if you have already registered.

The Traditional Building Conference team has built a virtual conference hall worthy of our typical historic venues. This is more than just a webinar. Through informative digital seminars and a library of expertly crafted learning materials, we’ve brought the community and resources of our in-person events right to your fingertips, available entirely at your convenience.

Seminars include:

  • How to Design a Home Workspace for Optimal Creativity and Wellbeing, According to Science
  • Preserving Sustainability: Old Solutions to Big Problems
  • Terra Cotta Tile: Color Selection and Matching
  • Plaza Central: Social Integration and Setting
  • Global Perspectives/Local Practices: Sustainability and Historic Preservation
  • Stone Façade Restoration: Challenges and Best Practices
  • Frank L. Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall
  • Storm Windows: Mitigating Heat Loss and Sound Transmission
  • Building Better with Traditional Materials- Exteriors
  • Healthy Environments for Re-Occupancy - H E R O™
  • Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Windows with Emerging Glazing Technology
  • Bronze, Cast Iron, and Cast Aluminum: Properties, Preservation and Performance
  • Beauty and Sustainability: Custom Wood Garage Door Solutions

See the full on-demand virtual conference schedule here.

"The Traditional Building Conference never fails to provide vital and timely material for the historic building architect."
                                                                 -Andrew Jerome Cannata, AIA

“The variety of technical vs. artistic talent was great!… I really liked the new format, had better connections with the vendors and got to know fellow attendees and presenters”

“Excellent speakers, informative, engrossing topics for a room full of architects.”

“Engaging as well as ‘Big Picture’”

“One of the very best seminar topics I have ever experienced. A real treat and changed the way I think about design.”

"Easily the best FOOD I've ever had at a conference."



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Earn AIA Learning Units at our seminars!

The Traditional Building Conference Series is a registered provider of AIA continuing education credits. Credits for NARI, AIBD, and some NAHB certifications are available. 

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