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Past Speakers

Boscobel 2019:

Jennifer Carlquist

David S. R. Anderozzi

Timothy M. Farina

Jill H. Gotthelf

Colleen Chapin

Lori Ferriss

Nakita Reed

John G. Waite

Clay S. Palazzo

Matthew K. Scheidt

Robert Score

Brian Stowell

Ashely Wilson

Winterthur 2019:

Doug Bracken

Susan Buck

Brent Hull

Mary Elfreth Watkins

Tiffany Burke

J. Scott O'Barr

C. Scott Lange

David Martin

Tom Savage

Kyle Sword

Patrick Webb

Jon White and Matt White

Fritz Winterle

Princeton, New Jersey 2018:

Phillip James Dodd

Ray Tschoepe

David Howell

Michael J. Mills, FAIA

David Jesson

Doug Bracken

James S. Collins

C. Scott Lange

David Martin

Michael Mehaffy

Lorine Murray-Mechini, AIA, LEED AP

Donald H. Ruggles, AIA, ICAA, NCARB

Nikos A. Salingaros

Kyle Sword

Laurie Wells

Clifford W. Zink

Oak Park, Illinois 2018:

Stephen J. Kelly, FAIA, SE, FAPT

Charles "Chick" McBrien

Matthew McNicholas, AIA, LEED AP

John Sandor

Robert Score, AIA

Susan Turner, FAIA

Robin Whitehurst

Daniel M. Worth, AIA, FAPT

Brooklyn, New York 2017:

Richard Cameron

Andrew Cogar

Elizabeth Dillon

Randolph Gerner

Clem Labine

C. Scott Lange

Francis Morrone

Aaron Ruby

Laurie L. Wells

Neela K. Wickremesinghe

Peter Brudenell

Preston J. Gumberich

Breen Mahony

Robert K. Higgins

Kim Lovejoy

Bill Mensching

John Carey

Robert Higgins

Salem, Massachusetts 2017:

Fabio Bardini

Allison Hardy

Richard Jones

Steven Mallory

David Martin

David Hart, AIA

John Sandor

Gary Tandorf-Dick

Kyle Sword

Scott Stevens

Jason Forney

Historic Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse: Designing with a Developer - Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA and Dalton Kline

Historic Window Rehabilitation - Charles "Chick" McBrien

Traditional Plaster 101 - Patrick Webb

Traditional Doors: A Master Class on Craft, Form and Function - Brent Hull

Historic Tax Credits: Residential and Commercial Rehabilitation -Daniel Elswick and Pam Kendrick of The South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office and Betty Prime

The Destructive Force of Water and What To Do About It - Craig Bennett

Robert Baird: Restoring & Repairing Cast Iron: Methods for Refurbishing and Restoring Cast Iron at the US Capitol Dome Restoration Project

Joanna Alimanestianu: Christopher Newport Hall- Traditional Materials; Contemporary Methods 2016 Palladio Winner- New Traditional Construction over 30,000 feet

Michael Romero: Local and Traditional Materials and Methods: A Global Perspective INTBAU USA Session

James S. Collins: Designing the Classical Residential Interior

Lori Garrett, AIA, LEED Green: Christopher Newport Hall- Traditional Materials; Contemporary Methods 2016 Palladio Winner- New Traditional Construction over 30,000 feet

H. Randolph Holmes Jr., AIA: Christopher Newport Hall- Traditional Materials; Contemporary Methods 2016 Palladio Winner- New Traditional Construction over 30,000 feet

Brent Hull: Traditional Doors: A Master Class on Craft, Form and Function

Charles "Chick" McBrien: Historic Window Rehabilitation: When to Repair and How to Replace

Michael Mehaffy: Local and Traditional Materials and Methods: A Global Perspective INTBAU USA Session

Christine Merdon: Restoring and Repairing Cast Iron: Methods for Refurbishing and Restoring Cast Iron at the US Capitol Dome Restoration Project

David C. Overholt: The Perfect Room: Preservation and Technology, Managing Change in the Maryland Senate Chamber

Thomas Whitmore: Resilience and Restoration: The National Cathedral and the Earthquake

James Shepherd, AIA, LEED: The Perfect Room: Preservation and Technology, Managing Change in the Maryland Senate Chamber

Ethan Anthony: Local and Traditional Materials and Methods: A Global Perspective INTBAU USA Session

John Canning

Julie Carmelich

Margaret Chambers

Tab Colbert 

Richard Connell

Michael Connor

William Crosskey 

Melissa Delvecchio 

Wes Haynes

Sara O'Nelson 

Patrick Pinnell 

David Riccio 

Leland Torrence 

René Tribert 

Richard N. Wies 

Russ Andersen

Steve Benson

Lynn Bingham

Stuart Cohen

Kristina Damschen 

Kimber Dengling

And More!

Wooden Window Repair Techniques: Selected Best Practices

Sally Fishburn

SA Fishburn, Inc.
399 Old Stagecoach Rd., Danville, VT 05828

Sally Fishburn, owner of S.A. Fishburn, Inc., started her historic preservation career upon the completion of the North Bennet Street School’s Preservation Carpentry program in 1991. S.A. Fishburn, Inc. helps individuals (home owners, municipalities, non-profits, etc...) maintain the historic spirit of their buildings through hands-on preservation, consulting, and design work. S.A. Fishburn, Inc. offers wood window restoration, plaster preservation, reproduction architectural millwork, and custom cabinetry in traditional styles.

Window Projects: Testing, Managing, Complying

Julie Hacker

Cohen and Hacker Architects, LLC
1322 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201

Julie Hacker is a practicing architect and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architecture. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where she majored in psychology and minored in dance, and of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois Chicago, where she was the recipient of the Chicago Women in Architecture Award. She worked for the firm of Hammond Beeby & Babka before joining Stuart Cohen in 1986. Her residential work has been published nationally and internationally and her firm received a RA Leadership Award and was listed as one of the top 50 residential firms by Residential Architect magazine. The work of her practice is the subject of a book, Transforming the Traditional, published in 2009. She has lectured and served on architectural award juries nationally as well as mentored young architects. In her spare time she serves as a Preservation Commissioner and competes in triathlons, from short course to Ironman distances.

Wooden Window Repair Techniques: Selected Best Practices

Alison Hardy

Window Woman of New England
44R Elm Street
Amesbury, MA 01913

Alison Hardy, owner of Window Woman of New England, has restored and repaired windows in homes both grand and modest in Boston’s North Shore for the past thirteen years. After a career in the textile industry, she gave up the clean world of fabrics and color for the dirty, but rewarding world of sawdust and putty. She is a member of Historic New England, Historic Salem, Preservation Trades Network, New England Window Restoration Alliance and the National Window Preservation Alliance.

Managing Change: Conducting Assessments and Getting the Details Right in Window Rehabilitation and Replacement

Judy L. Hayward

Education Director, Traditional Building Conference
Executive Director, The Preservation Education Institute/Historic Windsor, Inc.
PO Box 1777
Windsor, VT 05089-0021
802 674-6752
@Gothiccottage on twitter

Judy Hayward is executive director of Historic Windsor, Inc., and the Preservation Education Institute in Windsor, Vermont. She is the education director for the Traditional Building Conference Series and develops and moderates distance education programs as well. She is a past president of the Preservation Trust of Vermont and has been a board member of the APT Northeast Chapter. She serves on Historic New England’s Advisory Council and the Windsor Design Review Commission, A Certified Local Government (CLG). For more than 30 years, she has developed preservation skills training programs for building professionals and written specialized curricula and learning materials on topics including fire safety and historic preservation and accessibility for people with disabilities and historic preservation. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of New Hampshire and is enrolled in a program leading to a Certificate in Educational Technology at Marlboro College’s Graduate and Professional School. She is an honorary life member of the Preservation Trades Network.

Managing Change: Conducting Assessments and Getting the Details Right in Window Rehabilitation and Replacement

Duffy Hoffman

Painter and Preservation Craftsman
c/o Stephanie Wright
7440 Adams St. L3
Forest Park, IL 60130

Duffy Hoffman, a third-generation craftsman of the historic trades, has devoted much of his life in the restoration business. With well over thirty years of experience as a preservationist, he knows how to combine historic techniques and new materials to extend the life of historic structures. Duffy is a true believer in passing on the knowledge of the historic trades to young people and has devoted his time in teaching numerous workshops all over the country as well as for Traditional Building, Preservation Trades Network, and the Old- House Journal’s Historic Home Shows. He is also co-author of the Window Preservation Standards, a definitive standards book on all of the technical procedures for preserving windows, and has completed the only DVD demonstrating sash restoration from A to Z. He has also recorded a DVD for the Eco Strip Company on historic paint removal and lead safe work practices. Duffy is active on many local levels volunteering his services as consultant and hands-on instructor for non-profit and community related organizations. Also Duffy received the honorable Askin’s Award from the Preservation Trades Network. The award criteria includes contributions to the preservation trades for: the continuance of traditional building skills, advocacy of training in preservation trades, practicing a building trade at master level of skill and knowledge, and extraordinary effort given to advancing the awareness of traditional building trade skills and knowledge.

Double-Hung Wooden Window Case Studies: Replacement and New Traditional Construction


Senior Commercial Project Manager
Marvin Windows and Doors

Steve has been a Senior Architectural Project Manager with Marvin for 28 years and has a business degree from the University of Minnesota.

Metal Windows Case Studies: Repair, Replacement and New Traditional Construction

Natalie Lord, AIA, LEED AP Preservation Architect

Humphries Poli Architects
2100 Downing Street
Denver Colorado 80205

Natalie Lord’s passion for historic preservation brought her to Humphries Poli Architects in 2013. Her love of architecture began at the age of 7, when she commandeered her big brother’s book about Frank Lloyd Wright; which she has yet to return to this day. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design and her Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Planning from Cornell University.

The great-grand-daughter of a homesteader, Natalie was eager to return to Colorado to fulfill her desire to work on projects that contribute to the exciting progress in the State and benefit her community.

A licensed architect, Natalie has 12 years of experience working with many building types including: civic, residential, commercial, fire stations, healthcare, aviation, government and education. Her real passion lies in historic preservation and adaptive-use projects. Her desired legacy is to bring new and long-lasting life to communities with her work. She enjoys the challenge and variety offered by working on old and new buildings and believes that great communities have a healthy mixture of both.

Storm Windows: Durability, Efficiency, and Noise Reduction

David Martin, President

Allied Window, Inc.
11111 Canal Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241

David Martin has been President of Allied Window, Inc. since 1971. Prior to that he was a Manufacturing Consultant for Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Manager of Materials at Lodge & Shipley, Plant Manager at Cintas, and progressed at GE for (8) years. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, he received his MBA degree at Xavier University. He has served his industry, becoming national VP of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. He was active in small business issues, and was a congressional appointee delegate to the first White House Conference on Small Business in 1980.

Wooden Window Repair Techniques- Selected Best Practices

Tim Murphy, Owner

TMC Windows, Inc.
8041 Ridgeway Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076

Tim Murphy is a native Chicagoan and a veteran of thirty plus years in the remodeling, replacement and restoration industry in the city and surrounding area. The past ten plus years have been devoted exclusively to wood window restoration.

Storm Windows: Durability, Efficiency, and Noise Reduction

Jim Nelson

Sales Manager
Mon-Ray, Inc.
7900 Excelsior Blvd., Suite 140
Hopkins, MN 55343
800-544-3646 Ext 243
612-270-5022 Cell
763-546-8977 Fax

Jim Nelson is a Sales Manager with Mon-Ray, Inc., manufacturer of Mon-Ray Secondary Glazing Products, DeVAC Aluminum Windows and Glasswalls Porch Enclosures. Over the past 23 years with the Company, Jim has worked with residential and commercial building owners, architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors and Authorized Dealers, to assure project goals are achieved. He has been involved in all aspects of projects, from measuring, detailing and product selection to specifications and project management. For over 65 years, Mon-Ray, Inc., based in Minneapolis, MN, has been recognized for establishing high performance standards (air leakage, water resistance, structural load and acoustical.) The Company focuses on three specific marketing areas; Historic Preservation, Energy Conservation and Sound Abatement

Storm Windows: Durability, Efficiency, and Noise Reduction

Sam Pardue

Indow Windows
2267 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 284-2260

Sam Pardue is a serial entrepreneur who left the Intel mother ship to form start-up ventures in Portland, Oregon. Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon’s MBA program in 1998, Sam first worked at Intel as a marketing manager. After several years he left Intel to co-found Lensbaby (, a celebrated Portland-based manufacturer of award-winning special effects SLR camera lenses. In August 2010 Sam stepped down as Lensbaby’s CEO to found Indow Windows, a company that manufactures and markets Pardue's patented, award-winning invention, a window insert that presses inside window frames to deliver double pane window performance at a fraction of the cost. At the 2011 CleanTech Open Indow Windows won the national Energy Efficiency Category Award, the national Sustainability Award, and came in second place for the Grand Prize. In addition, Indow Windows has received Environmental Leader Magazine’s 2014 Product of the Year Award, Sustainable Business Magazine’s Innovation in Sustainable Product Award, and a Bronze Medal from the Edison Awards.

Managing Change: Conducting Assessments and Getting the Details Right in Window Rehabilitation and Replacement

John Sandor

Architectural Historian
Technical Preservation Services
US National Park Service
Department of the Interior

John Sandor has worked as an architectural historian in the Technical Preservation Services Branch of the National Park Service since 1996. He reviews rehabilitation projects seeking certification for federal tax credit and provides assistance to the users of the program and the general public on technical aspects of preservation. He previously worked as the architectural coordinator for the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office and has experience as a preservation consultant and a carpenter. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in architecture. He serves on the boards of the DC Preservation League and the Latrobe Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Metal Windows Case Studies: Repair, Replacement and New Traditional Construction

Kurtis J. Suellentrop

Technical Sales Manager
Winco Window Company
6200 Maple Ave
St. Louis MO 63130
800.525.8089 Ext #: 243

Kurtis J. Suellentrop, E.I.T., is the Technical Sales Manager with Winco Window Company, headquartered in St. Louis, MO. He is a graduate from the University of Missouri- Rolla with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Design and Thermodynamics. Kurtis also oversees Winco’s R&D program including multi-threat systems including blast, ballistic, acoustic, thermal, and tornado and hurricane historic windows.

Properties and Performance of Vacuum Insulated Glazing

Kyle Sword

Business Development Manager
Pilkington North America
811 Madison Avenue
Toledo, OH 43604
419-247-3994 - desk

Kyle Sword is the Business Development Manager for Pilkington North America and heads the company’s interests in historic restoration. Kyle has worked for Pilkington for 15+ years, primarily involved in the manufacturing process of glass making. During this time, he has been blessed to visit many different types of glass manufacturing and glass processing locations around the globe. He has come to the conclusion that as much as we try to make glass manufacturing a science, there still remains a large amount of this process which is an art. His passion for construction and engineering started at a young age when he worked building and remodeling houses with his father. Kyle attended The Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in Ceramic Engineering and later received an MBA from California State University, Sacramento. He has worked for a few other glass and ceramic manufacturing companies as well. Kyle is involved with a variety of different technological developments in the glass industry and is constantly looking for ways to find solutions in interesting and unique ways.

Window Projects: Testing, Managing, Complying

Susan D. Turner, FAIA, LEED-AP, PMP

Historic Preservation Leader
Bailey Edward Architecture

Susan Turner is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects with 30 years’ experience in historic preservation projects. As an Associate and the Historic Preservation Leader with Bailey Edward Design Inc., she is the technical resource for historic building assessments, construction details, specifications and quality review. She is a certified Project Manager with the Project Management Institute, and has practiced, published, and lectured, on historic preservation across the United States, Canada and internationally. She most enjoys scaffolding, ladders and bucket lifts, and prowling old buildings.

The Making of American Windows- A Present- Minded History

Neal Vogel, Principal

Restoric, LLC
8 South Michigan Ave.
38 Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
854.7456 P
262-6645 F

Neal Vogel is the Principal of Restoric, LLC in Chicago—spending the lion’s share of his time restoring historic windows, doors and skylights throughout the Midwest as the project consultant or contractor.

Restoric has worked on countless mid-19 to mid-20 century landmark windows from James Renwick, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and Burnham & Root to Eero Saarinen and Keck & Keck. Recent projects include works by Chicago legends George Maher, Barry Byrne, Joseph Silsbee, Edgar Miller, Pond & Pond and Marshall & Fox along with more than a dozen Midwest museums.

Mr. Vogel teaches Restoration Methods for the graduate program in Historic Preservation at The School of the Art Institute and has authored numerous technical articles on building restoration for the National Park Service, Old-House Journal, Stained Glass Quarterly, and Clem Labine’s Traditional Building.

Window Projects: Testing, Managing, Complying

Gail Wallace, President

Restoration Works, Inc.
1345 Stanford Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901

Founder and president of Restoration Works Inc., a 30 year old pioneering company and leader in the field of wood and steel window and door restorations, Gail Wallace has developed a 30,000 Sq. Ft. “State of the Art” Restoration Facility where large scale window restoration projects can be processed. Restoration Works Inc. has incorporated over 14 Green practices in their facility. Restoration Works Inc is listed with the National Park Service, the IL Historic Preservation Agency, Chicago Landmarks Commission, Landmarks Preservation Council of IL, Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, and many State Historic Preservation Agencies, as an approved historic window restoration company. Gail is also a member of the IL-USGBC and the Kankakee Community College Sustainability Council.

Metal Windows Case Studies: Repair, Replacement and New Traditional Construction

Bill Wilder

Director of Technical Sales
Graham Architectural Products
1551 Mt. Rose Avenue
York, PA 17403-2909
Cell: 717-515-6786
Office: 717-849-8113

William Wilder is the Director of Technical Sales for Graham Architectural Products Corporation in York, Pennsylvania. Bill has been involved in the window industry for over thirty years. He began his career in the window industry with Capitol Products Corporation as a Test Lab Assistant and Sample Shop Technician. In 1986, Bill joined Graham Architectural Products. Since then, Bill has held the positions of Field Service Manager, Project Manager, Manager of Technical Services and Eastern Division Sales Manager. He focuses on assisting architects with large and technically challenging projects, including historic projects.

Double-Hung Wooden Window Case Studies- Replacement and New Traditional Construction

Terry Zeimetz, AIA, CSI, CCPR

Commercial Marketing Manager
Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions
102 Main Street
Pella, IA 50219
P: 641-621-6272

Terry is a licensed architect and has been a member of the Pella Commercial team since 1989. In 2012 Pella Commercial merged with EFCO to form Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions. Prior to joining Pella, Terry worked for Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture in Des Moines, Iowa – the recipient of the 2001 National AIA Firm of the Year award.

During his career with Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions, Terry has assisted architectural firms with the specification and detailing of aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows and installation systems in large non-residential projects across the United States. He has also played a lead role in developing new fenestration products for the non-residential market.

Since 1996, he has presented more than four hundred educational programs on fenestration-related topics to architects, general contractors, and building owners at local, state, regional, and national meetings and conventions in 25 states. Because of these experiences he has been asked to contribute to articles that have been published in Architectural Record, Architect, the Construction Specifier, Building Operating Management, Buildings, School Planning and Management, and College Planning and Management.